Does anyone have a successful implementation of ZPM in ZCM 10.3.3 running smoothly. I have been struggling with this product since December 2010, and need a little guidance around all of the quirkiness that exists.

So far I have found these elements that are inconsistent:

1. Mandatory Baselines with alot of patches to apply will spawn remediate.exe sessions in parallel. There is a hard breakpoint to only allow 4 simultaneous sessions, however sometimes, the patches don't apply at all.

2. When applying patches Windows Installer 4.5 and/or MS07 - 69, I watch it try to apply all 9 versions of the various types of patch, however the patch never successfully installs. Very strange. I assume this behavior could exist among other random patches. The patch client does not report back to the server that it failed. However, it orders the reboot to occur.

3. There is a strange coorelation between the analyze.exe and the remediate.exe if they are running together. Sometimes, the remediate.exe will spawn chaotically if the analyze.exe is processing as well. This occurs if a load block of patches are lined up for deployment.

4. The Graphs in the Patch Management system don't make any sense. I have 522 devices, and only 40 devices are reported on?

My main concern is that I do not have a guaranteed process in place that will ensure patch success. I need the following things to occur:

1. If a patch is successful, I need the server to know that it is successful. :)
2. If the patch fails, I need to see that it fails, I need the debug mechanism in the zmd-messages log to explain why it failed, so that it can be remedied.
3. I would like someday that the mandatory baseline feature works properly, and doesn't go crazy with spawning issues, because low-memory machines freeze up from all the memory allocations that occur.

If anyone is out there who successfully uses this product, please let me know, because I need to steering guidance, because the controls are not obvious on how to work them, and I would hate to abandon ship, if there are some good smart workarounds that are known.

HELP! :)