After a upgrade from bm 3.7 to 3.8 and from netware 5.1 to netware 6.5
we suddenly got problems with vpn master server after a dsrepair with
check of backlinks. After a long series of problems and no connection
we put in a cisco pix in both ends to get past the netware vpn
problem. Now I have time to have a closer look at the problem and try
to configure BM VPN Cient to Site. I configure the vpn server in
imanger seems ok the same way that described in chapter 19 in craigs
"good book", configure Client to Site as descibed in chapter 20. When
configuring Trafic Rules, the Default_Trafic_Rule look diferent than
decribed in chapter 20, page 702 the diference is user(s) reads
Specified User, Network reads; Specified Networks and services reads
all authentiation methodes.
Now when saving the client to site configuration I get an message
saying The client to site configuration was partly ok, there was an
error please contact Novell Support. Does anyone have an idea how to
fix this?