Hey Everyone

I ran into the following problem...
A few month ago I set up a normal Workstation as a Satellite-Server with Imaging Role. This worked great so far, all Workstations in this Subnet were automatically redirected towards this server etc.

Last week I got new hardware and set it up as an satellite imaging server in the server room - And removed the Imaging Role from the old Satellite Server in ZCC under Configuration Tab.

This works without any problems for every subnet, beside the one the Satellite Server was in. Every machine within this subnet trying to PXE boot, gets its PXE Menu from the Primary/newSatellite but afterwards tries to recieve the imaging files from, so all Image-Files configured in the Config File fail

I could not find any source for this problem, so I set up the Imaging Role for the old Satellite Server Workstation again and everything works fine once again (Workstations in the Satellites Subnet, recieve their images from the old Satellite again).

Primary Servers are running Win2k3, 32 Bit
old Satellite is running with Win7 32 Bit
[new Satellites are running von Win2k8 / Win7 32 Bit]

This is one of the Config Files currently in use:
#====================== WARNING! ======================#
#  Modifying this file is unsupported and can have 
#  unpredictable results on ZENworks Preboot Services

DEFAULT imaging
LABEL imaging
	kernel boot\linux
	append 5 initrd=boot\initrd mode=2 rootimage=/root install=tftp://$PXESERVER/boot splash=silent vga=0x314 tftptimeout=50 $KERNEL_PARMS newid="0x8086 0x1502,e1000e" IMGCMD="eval img -rp /WIN7/BASIS/BASISIMAGE.zmg ; img -rp /WIN7/AddOn/Hardware/AddOn-T420.zmg ; img -rp /WIN7/AddOn/Sysprep/AddOn-Sysprep.zmg ; img -rp /WIN7/AddOn/ZCM/Addon-SW-ZCM.zmg ; img -rp /WIN7/AddOn/TrendMicro/Addon-SW-TM.zmg ; img -rp /WIN7/AddOn/LotusNotes/Addon-SW-LN.zmg ; img -rp /WIN7/AddOn/WindowsFixes/AddOn-FIX-WIN7.zmg"
Anyone got a clue? I am really perplexed :)