My colleague who runs monthly reports on devices in our environment wants site data to be included which you fill out under summary on the Device within Zenworks Control Center.

We had a SR logged with Novell and a fix was found a couple of months ago by running the attached query directly on the database via dbisql after we have updated the devices:

UPDATE NC_Workstation SET Site = B.Site, Dept = B.Department, costCenter = B.Location FROM NC_Workstation A JOIN zdevice B ON B.zuid = A.ZenWorksAgentId

This was working fine up until recently, but now I get the following error:

Could not execute statement
Right truncation of string data
SQLCODE= -638, ODBC 3 State="22001"
Line 1, column 2

Has anyone come across this before or know what has changed for it to stop working? I have copied and pasted the query which was working before and also typed it manually, yet still the same error. I have also bounced the database server, but still no joy.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated before I have to go back to Novell direct as I am hoping it is something simple.

Kind regards,