Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a 2 nodes GroupWise 8 clustering system running MTA and POA on OES2 SP2. I want to upgrade them to GroupWise 8.0.2 HF2. I downloaded the package and ran the install on node1, checked "Configure GroupWise for clustering" and selected "Create or update a GroupWise system" to install/update it. After the installation, rpm -qa|grep groupwise did show the GroupWise package on that node have been upgraded to 8.0.2 HF2. But how can I tell whether the MTA and POA database have been updated to 8.0.2 HF2 or not? In Console one, the database version still shows version 8.

A more important question is that how I should upgrade the 2nd node then? I have read the GroupWise 8 installation/administration/interoperability guide, as while as novell clustering guide. I am still not very clear about it. Do I run the same install script on the 2nd node and select update too? (When I tried to do that, it wanted to go through the same process again (like set the software distribution directory, select software, copy files etc), I don't understand why it needs to set the software distribution etc again.). Could I just manually run "rpm -Fvh novell-groupwise-8.0.2-xxx" for all related GroupWise 8.0.2 HF2 package on the 2nd node and will this automatically update that node?

I am very confused about the procedure on upgrading/installing groupwise on clustered environment? Could someone help me on this?

Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.