Those of you who hate Facebook can just go along about your business. I don't
really care if you see no purpose in it - heehee.

I've been battling with Facebook all morning. My "Caledonia" page
( has been set to do an RSS feed from my blog
( since 2008. However, Facebook never really has said
how often they try to sync the blog, and sometimes I'm impatient. So even
though the idea of the sync is to not have to do the work "twice" I often just
go to the settings, remove the blog import and then reactivate the blog import.

However today Facebook insists that there is no feed at

I can get there from every other application and location I've tried (I can even
hit the rss feed from my phone over the T-Mobile network and it pops right up).
I even tried the atom feed rather than the rss2 feed in Facebook. But no,
Facebook says it just doesn't exist! So I ended up having to copy/paste today's
entry from my blog into a new Facebook note - grrrrrr.

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