Greetings All,

I have a problem with a ZCM 10.3.1 primary server with the embedded sybase db. I originally built this as a VM over 18 months ago for familiarization/evaluation when we were moving from Zen7 and it eventually became a production server. We have been operating it successfully for that time with a single processor / 2 Gb RAM however in the last week or so have been periodically seeing 100% utilization on the processor which effectively stops clients logging into workstations. I upgraded the VM to dual processor and 3.2Gb RAM and the problem persists, again intermittently. At other times the server is not stressed at all. We have about 1200 clients and 1500 users, although they are never all logged in at the same time, we also have a second primary ZCM server on site.

Is there a way I can determine what is happening at these times so I can troubleshoot the problem? The processes dbsrv10.exe and ZenServer.exe are both doing their bit to suck up CPU.