In November I had frequent contact on the Client 2 Site Setup of the
BM 37
VPN Client (BM37VPN4.EXE)over Dutch DSL network.

I had a 'Bizz DSL' attached to the public side of the BM Server. (Bizz
is a group of IP address's). I tested from the Fast ADSL connection
the same ISP.

C2S login works fine. Login response -incl. script etc.- is approx. 30
40 sec. But....

If I test outside of the ISP's network I don't get a solid C2S VPN
connection. Protocol traces shows no name resolution of the NDS tree
servers of this customer.
UDP port 353 works fine.

Let me clear this. Outside the ISP's network is: From Broadband
through NATted router to ISP B over the 'Internet' to ISP A Bizz DSL connection.
Inside the ISP's network is from FastADSL ISP A to Bizz DSL ISP A.

So how can the ISP influence the Name Resolution process. Mind, this
is a
well known ISP in the Netherlands so actually I don't suspect their
What am I missing here.

Hope for any sane response.

Oh yes, best wishes to all you who put effort in those forums. I think

they are great source of info.

Jan de Vries