Something happened to a GWise Archive folder shortly after I moved it to another volume. When I first moved it on Saturday, the user's GWise was able to access the folder OK, but now on Monday it can't.

The volume is an NSS volume on a NW6.5 server. The folder in question is not at the root level, but I don't want to delete its parent (unless there is no other way) because the parent has other archives which are functioning fine.

When I attempt to examine the folder on a Novell mapped drive in Windows, I get a "this disk is not formatted..." error. When I examine the folder in NWAdmin, it says "an error occurred during an attempt to build the list of subordinate objects." When I try to delete the folder from NWAdmin, I get "path...could not be deleted (35241)". ConsoleOne tells me it can't get details or property pages on the folder, and sometimes says "Unknown meaning for error number 0x89A9..." It does tell me that the folder has HRSA attributes set.

I have tried TOOLBOX, Windows, DOS and NSSCPT to clear these attributes, but nothing is letting me do that or to delete the folder. TOOLBOX does let me drill down into the subfolders within the folder, where Windows, DOS and NWAdmin do not, but as soon as I try working with the folders, invalid path messages begin to show up.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of this folder? If I am unable to delete the folder, does it sound safe to leave it there and put another copy of the archive folder (with a different name) right alongside the original?

Peter Smick