Hi All,

All of the below is for C2S. We don't have or use S2S.
Running BM37SP2 on a NW6SP3 box. I'm fairly certain I have all the
filters setup correctly as I can authenticate and login if I use a 56k

modem connected to an ISP. If I use my dual boot PC at home (Win98 onone side and Win2k on the other) that is connected via Comcast cable
modem, (Linksys befcmu10) I get 2 different errors. Shown below.

The errors I am receiving:

Win98 - Failed to verify the authentication challenge. Please check
the user name or context entries. NDS Error -309

Win2k - Failed to connect to the authentication gateway.
216.160.xxx.xxx is an invalid VPN server address or the autheticationgateway is not loaded on the VPN server

I can assure you I have the correct username/context AND that the
gateway is loaded on the server as I can fire up a dial-up connectionand get right in. The 98 side has a non-VPN Novell client and the
Win2k side doesn't.

Any ideas? Things I can try? Could it be Comcast blocking SKIP? Maybe

the Linksys?

I have seen in these forums references to the ports that need to be
opened up, mainly UDP 353 inbound and outbound, TCP 353 inbound and
outbound and SKIP (protocol 57) inbound and outbound and have these in

place. The assumption this is working is due to the fact I can get inwith the 56k modem. I have also seen references to UDP 2010 and
Are these other ports required for C2S? Maybe that is the issue.

Sorry, as you can probably tell, I'm not a whiz kid with this kind ofstuff and find these forums invaluable.

Thanks in advance.

Bob Williams