Running nw65sp8 servers (2) as dns servers (for redundancy) for our dns
zone (domain.A), one of them runs dhcp w/ domain.A set as the dns zone
for dynamic update for my dhcp subnets.

After installing dsfw (oes2sp3 on sles10sp3), I have another dns zone
(domain.B) & a couple of dns servers (again for redundancy) for my AD
domain, provided by dsfw.

Having issues with machines that are in my AD domain & are dhcp. When
they get a different address on bootup, domain.A is being updated, but
domain.B is not.

What do I need to do in order to get domain.B to be updated as well? I
don't think I can create other dhcp subnets for dynamic update to
domain.B, so what can I do to alleviate this issue?