I recently migrated my NW6SBS server to a new machine. It was a tough

migration, but everything eventually came over. This machine is
to the newest levels, and in addition to basic file-and-print
it also hosts a Bordermanger 3.6 Master VPN server.

We have a site-to-site VPN set up and working between the Master VPN server and the Slave VPN server, but I am starting to get annoying
Disconnect and Reconnect messages on the Server Console. These come
about every 8-12 hours, and look like this:

8:49:48 pm CSL-2.6-12
Call disconnection for protocol IP to destinatinon VPTunnel
The event occured for an unknown reason

8:49:48 pm CSL-2.6-20
Call connection established for protocol IP to destination VPTunnel

The IP protocol is disconnecting and immediately reconnecting, but I don't know why. The TID knowledgebase indicated it might be a
problem, but both the Master VPN server and the Slave VPN server get time from the same NTP source (

Any idea what might be causing this, and how to fix it. So far, this
just an annoyance.....

Chip Reinhardt