We are using groupwise for our email. We upgraded to groupwise 8 Release 8.0.2 1/20/2011 Build Number 92739.

One of our users is having issues receiving Appointments from an Outlook client. She receives the appointment like a normal email not the usual format with Accept / Decline options.

problem only happens when the Appointment / meeting request came from that particular company. All others are good. I talked to the IT dept of that company and they said they have the newest Exchange and client softwares.. weird thing is, when I asked them to send a test to 2 of our users. Both of them received the Appointment. But only one received the appointment perfectly normal, the other received it on a normal email format without accept / decline options.

Is this a groupwise client issue? If it is, I can't pinpoint which setting is causing this? I mirrored my gw settings to her and even my IE settings... still having the issue.