Hello all: I am still not able to get DNS traffic between my client
workstations (home office) and the VPN server. I have confirmed that
internal office DNS server IPs are pushed down to the client
However, no domain resolution is occurring. In a past posting Cat
asked if
I could sniff for dns traffic which I have not done (or have

I have the following questions.
1. Assuming the DNS traffic is reaching my internal dns servers, is
something in the vpn setup preventing these servers traffic from
getting out
on the Internet (i.e. request made from vpn client for dns
server can't access Internet during vpn session). I kind of doubt
this is
happening, but it is worth asking.

2. Do normal filters apply to dns traffic under a vpn session? I
allow my two dns servers dns access through our BM38 server. Does
prevent this traffic under a vpn session?

From these questions you can gather I am completely baffled (lost,
......) :) Chris.