It's been a long time for any E75 updates, but last week I got a
pop-up on the phone stating that their was a new firmware
(which there wasn't) and a new version of the mail for exchange
(which it was)

So, having the firmware current and updating the MailForExchange on
the E75 DO seem to help stuff along. Sync of appointments and ical
post's etc works fine now. Also the layout itself when viewing mails
is better. So,, just a heads'up that it's worth the effort trying to
get the update 3.0.9 since it's a step forward to the previous 2.x
that was incluced in the firmware for the phone. I don't know if the
update is available through the web for standalone installs like the
other Nokia models. It wasnt before anyway...only updateable directly
through the phone itself...