I am having issues with adding an additional primary server into my zone. I have three primary servers already and looking to add this additional primary server for reporting. The issue I am specifically having is with installing ZCM. I have not had any issues with installing ZCM on my 2nd and 3rd primary servers; install worked as it should.

When installing ZCM on the reporting server and adding the server to an existing zone, I am getting an error that reports there are ports that are currently blocked by my firewall software. I choose "Yes" to open the ports and then I get another error message that says, "ZENworks requires Internal CA Service URL to be configured on the parent Primary Server".

I have checked the reporting server, primary server, sql server, and the firewall is turned off on all servers. I have also made sure that the reporting server can ping and nslookup the primary server and sql server; no problems. I then made sure the primary server could ping and nslookup the reporting server, no problems either.

My environment is:

ZCM version 10.3.0a
Primary servers: Server 2008R2 Enterprise 64-bit
Reporting server: Server 2008 Enterprise 64-bit(no R2)
MS SQL dbase 2005

Has anybody encountered this issue or know of some solutions to try?