I am currently working on a custom admx file for Novell client user settings. On XP this seems to work fine. On windows 7 I cannot seem to get it to work at all. So first off I'm running zenworks 11, novell client 2 SP1 (IR5), windows 7 SP1. I'm using the same policy object for XP and windows 7. On windows 7 zenworks tells me the policy was successfull. I enabled the user environment debug logging on windows which looks like it tells me all the settings it's setting from the policy and i don't see the keys on there at all. I also made a custom GPO to set the user folder so it would go to the user's home directory and this works just fine and shows up in the windows log. Does anyone know why it isn't letting me import this setting or of any other logs i can check to see where the disconnect is at?