An issue has been identified after apply nw65sp1 and running nbm 3.8
After apply nw65sp1, when you launch inetcfg for the first time, if
there is any commands like lan drivers, secondary ip address, etc, inautoexec.ncf that need to be transfered to netinfo, a message asking
do that will show. If you chose YES (as it should), you will get a new

screen telling that a driver media was not recognized and you will
to chose the media type and here is the kit. Just press ESC and
everything will be fine but if you select any media type, this will
cause your vptunnel.lan to not load due to the netinfo.cfg will rem
all vpn entries.
Problem is that inetcfg sees the vptunnel board as physical one
of a virtual one (which do not have frame type assigned) so it is
to do that but as vptunnel does not understand frame type, all entries

in netinfo.cfg are rem out causing vptunnel.lan to not load.
If you are already running into this issue, you've got two options:
1. If you had a backup of netinfo.cfg before running sp1, rename the
current one and copy the backup one.
2. If not, you can clean manually the netinfo.cfg to remove the wrongtype frames showing there.
3. just add a load vptunnel.lan at the end of your autoexec.ncf

for detailed details see tid 10090164

novell is already working on a fix.