Howdy community,

apart from reading all the related office 2007 and DMS issues isn't there anyone around capable @novell of fixing all the library related stuff ?

We're also struggleing with integrations , in my humble oppinion GW is just dying .. people are swapping over to different products because of "old" issues never beeing fixed and tbh why rely on an 15 year old XLA for integrations ? ..

the power of groupwise "is" document integration .. people bought the product for that . as i myself putted "maybe its fixed in this release, maybe .. " and again no fix .. no 3rd party product ( office 2000/2003/2007/2010 , openoffce ) seems to be working properly with groupwise since version 6.5 .. and its getting worse alot of my customers already save their documents to their home directory just because they do not feel safe using the library system anymore ..

maybe a hint for novell : Fix the existing issues and customers return .. instead of investing in new social media called Vibe ..