I posted this in another forum and they suggessted to post it here
instead. We have WAN users that log into a Novell Server here on our
and we want all traffic to be encrypted. I had thought Netware 6.5
built in encryption. I thought I would have to use NICI on the Novell

client and do some configuring on the server as well, do I really have
use Border Manager to do this.

OK...let's talk WAN communication. How would you ensure that Novell clients on our WAN securely communicate with the server that sits in
LAN. Novell has no encryption or VPN solution to offer for this??
Will I
have to use a third party VPN solution? What is NICI used for? I
need a
solution to ensure that all WAN Novell traffic coming into our LAN is

encrypted and just thought Netware had built in capabilities on both
server and client side without having to explore other VPN options.
me know your thoughts. Thanks. Also, are you already saying that
passwords are encrypted without me having to do anything on the client
server side?