The inbox for one of our Groupwise User is displaying as light gray and is barely readable. This happens no matter what pc she uses to login to Groupwise. It seems every item in her inbox is showing up categorized. I tried to delete all her categories, but it had no effect on the font color of her inbox. There are no rules or anything on the account.

I can categorize items and they'll show the proper colors, but when I remove the category it goes back to that light gray, with the icon next to it indicating it's categorized. However, I've added a colum to her view to show the categories and none are listed.

Further, if I move an item to the Cabinet it looks fine, but when I move it back to the Mailbox it's gray again. I verified this by creating a "Test" folder, and the behavior is the same: items moved into the Text folder are fine, but not when moved to the Mailbox folder. And, when I move the entire Mailbox folder into that Text folder, it, too shows as gray and categorized. That indicates it's a setting on the Mailbox folder itself that's the issue, but I can find nothing that allows me to change that.

One other thing I noticed is that there is no longer a display settings name of "Received Items" for the Mailbox; that's a default view that should be with all clients. Seems like it got deleted?