Hi All-
I have ZCM 10.3.3 on SLES11 64bit. Ive recently noticed that Im getting TONS of errors like the following while running an LDAP trace:

10:01:06 A52F0BA0 LDAP: Illegal ndsname "kkopp" in ldap2uNDSDN, err = 34 (0x22)
10:01:06 A52F0BA0 LDAP: ldap2uNDSDN ldapDN = "kkopp" - error 34 (0x22)
10:01:06 A52F0BA0 LDAP: Failed to convert LDAP DN "kkopp" in nds_back_bind, err = 34 (0x22)
Ive narrowed this down and ZCM is causing it. It appears during a NAL refresh, user login, etc.

Any ideas on why this is going on?