Hi Forum,

i have to update a sles10sp2 with oes2sp1 to sles10sp3 with oes2sp3.
The first update process won't start with the following message:

~$ rug up -d
Waking up ZMD...Fertig
Abhängigkeiten werden aufgelöst...

FEHLER: Fehler bei Auflösung der Abhängigkeiten:
Unresolved dependencies:
Updating novell-imanager-2.7.2-0.14.noarch[System packages] to novell-imanager-2.7.3-0.4.3.noarch[OES2 SP1 Updates]
Establishing atom:novell-imanager-2.7.3-0.4.3.noarch[OES2 SP1 Updates]
There are no installable providers of novell-wbemservices for novell-imanager-2.7.3-0.4.3.noarch[OES2 SP1 Updates]
On our update server i can find this package "novell-wbemservices" only in the repositories of oes2p2 and sp3, not sp1.
How should i resolve this problem?