I have created a Workflow with a form.
the entry should be transitioned to the next Workflow state after the Workflow response of the special person (perhaps Human Resources and Quality Management).
Questions and their answers are added to the Workflow.

After the start of the Workflow I have Immediate Transitions to every State (Human Resources and QM). After that, they shoud get mails with the link to the page of the Workflow/form. But only the person of Human Resources gets that.

The question appears, but you can`t confirm the answer. You click on "OK" and nothing happens. The entry won`t be transitioned to the next state.
If I include the Manual Transition, the person can click "OK" there and the entry will be transitioned to the next Workflow state.

What can I do? I need the answers of special departments!
And if all is running with Manual Transition, the Access Controls should be right, too.