Background: We are in the process of rolling out IDM361 to our production environment. We have a mix of Netware 5, 6, 6.5 and Linux OES2 servers. We use DirXML1.1a to sync with MAD (Windows 2000 Servers) and IDM361 is replacing this.

Problem: The server that runs DirXML1.1a is on Netware 6.0. We do not want to break this system as it currently manages user and password sync to MAD. But we also need to roll out "Universal Password" to enable IDM361 to perform the same user and password sync. We don't want to perform a BIGBANG cutover if it can be avoided!!

Request: What we're looking for is some suggestions (and comments) on how to proceed with the Netware 6.0 box. Below are a few we have come up with...

Possible scenarios:

#1 - Virtualize the Netware 6.0 box, then upgrade to Netware 6.5 and hope that DirXML1.1a doesn't break. What products can we use to do this? Platespin and Portlock have been mentioned.

#2 - Build from scratch a new Netware 6.5 box with the same name. Install DirXML1.1a, replicate partitions and import the old drivers. Remove old Netware 6.0 box and join new Netware 6.5 box to the tree then hope and pray that it works.

#3 - Prepare for a long DirXML1.1a outage. Remove Netware 5 and 6 boxes from the tree, stop the sync and roll out "Universal Password". Fire up IDM361, apply the user and password sync policies and migrate all users.

As mentioned before, we would prefer to run both systems in parallel and slowly migrate users across the IDM361 if possible. I know that Netware 6.0 is no longer supported so that's why we are looking to the forums for answers.

Many thanks!
Andrew Tan..