Hello all,

We are having a lot of issues after upgrading our Groupwise server to 8.0.2 SP2. Not with groupwise system or mailboxes, mainly with our BES (Blackberry enterprise Server) and SOAP. There are a lot of issues with SOAP in Groupwise, after 8.0.2 version.

For that reason we're thinking downgrade 8.0.2 version of Groupwise to 8.0.1, thus is the recommended version for the Groupwise&BES combination (we have 4.1.7 on BES server).

So, that is the question. Is so dangerous downgrading the version of Groupwise to 8.0.1 HP1 ? I suppose that changes between revisions are only on the bin (agents) and doesnt affect to the database (messages, users, etc). I'm right?