I have started to migrate my NetWare servers to OES2 systems. I first migrated my GroupWise system but still had it pointing to my old NetWare primary server which served as the NTP time source. Last fall I migrated that system to a new SLES10SP3 OES2 server with a new IP address. The server move went smooth for the most part but I continued to run the older NetWare box until I was sure all services were running smooth on the other server. Recently I removed the NetWare system from my tree. Now I am having NTP issues with the GroupWise system. The log files still states it is referencing the old NTP server IP address. The ntp.conf file and yast details still provide the new NTP server address.

On a SLES10SP3 OES2SP2 system is the eDirectory keeping NTP information that overrides the local servers settings? Is there another file I need to edit to move the NTP setting permanently to the new server? I can do a rcntp restart and the time sync resolves and fixes the time issue but this doesn't stay for more then 6 hours before I see major drift.