this weekend I installed the oes2sp3-edirectory-patch2. Today we've noticed that all msi-files on all NSS volumes are extremely slow to run, to say the least.
Has anyone experienced the same thing?
We're running in a ZEN7 environment. In ConsoleOne, if trying to open an application which contains a msi as a installer, C1 hangs for a while and then says that the msi cannot be found. Same if you try to install an application which is a msi. All other applications works. If I browse to a NSS volume in Windows Explorer I can see everything as usual. If I try to run a msi, Windows Explorer hangs. In Task Manager I can see that the msi is running but nothing happens with it. If I copy the msi to my local hard drive then there's no problems at all.
I'm not sure if it's the oes2sp3-edirectory-patch2 that causes this as on a couple of servers there were 2 or 3 other updates installed as well. Unfortunately I don't remember which...