On our XP SP3 Pro PC's we have installed Novell Client 4.91 SP5.

The default configuration of the client was left untouched, which resulted in end users logging into the local machine (Windows tab local machine was selected not Windows domain).

I have updated the configuration so the context and the domain default for the end users dept/site/location. As expected a new profile has been created after the end user logged in.

What is happening now is each time the end users login; one time he/she will be logging into the old local profile, the next will be the new domain profile. This happens more than once for several end users. In most cases if the switching stops, the end user is logged into their old profile. I need for the end users to be logged into their new profiles.

I have even edited the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\NOVELL\LOCATIONPROFILES\SERVICES\*** *A23\Default\TAB3 and set the defaultdomainname key to the proper domain for the end user, still unable to get the end users to log into the new profiles.

Any suggestions to stop the profile switching along with making sure all end users are using the new (proper) profile?