I was on vacation and unavailable to work a couple weeks ago, and one of
the SVPs had a problem. No one here could help.

So today I was asked by my boss, "what are we going to do about that?"

Well, we could turn back time and un-fire my backup, so there'd be some
help here if I got hit by a bus. You could forbid me to ever leave the
office. You could hire only people who can handle their own computer
problems (yes, it was a pebkac). You could eliminate the offending
technology. You could outsource (and hire me back at three times the
current rate).

I just repeated "what *are* we going to do about that?"

I had nothing to do with eliminating all alternate sources of computer
help. I have no power or money to solve this problem. What kind of
answer could I possibly give?

Too unvalued to even rant properly,