We discovered today that if a user forwards a message to addresses outside our system by using the 'Forward as Attachment' option that the mail puts every address that was entered in the BC: field into the To: field, so all of the addresses are visible to all recipients. The message they receive also shows the original sender of the message as the From, rather than the person forwarding the message, and the sent date and time are also from the original message. Example: Mary forwards a message to Jim that contains information that needs to be distributed to others outside the company. Jim does a 'Forward as Attachment' with Mary's message, and as is commonly done, enters himself as the To: and lists Frank, Sue and Omar as BC: recipients. The message Jim receives in GroupWise shows that it is from Jim to Jim, lists the BC's and has Mary's message as an attachment. But the recipients outside the system who receive the message sent by GWIA see the message as sent by Mary, with all of the BC recipients plus Jim listed in the To: field. This obviously destroys any intended confidentiality. If the message is done as a 'Forward', then the message received on the other end conceals all the BC's as intended. Is this the way it is intended to work, or a bug, or what?