Hi All;

We are in the process of migrating our file and print servers from Netware (SP8) to OES2/Linux (SP3) along with all of the services like DNS, DHCP, iPrint, etc... After starting to install the Linux servers in the tree, it seems that our ability to manage DNS has gone away. When I go into the DNS DHCP manager (I loaded the latest from the CD), all I get are root zone server info. We did have a couple of different zones defined and they are completely gone. I've spent some time looking into it and I wanted to get some feedback as to the differences/future of DNS within eDir.

I was under the impression that there was to be only one DNS-DHCP locator object in the tree. We have a specific one high up in the directory structure and if I look at the attributes within C1, I can see that it has the right zones, DNS servers, DHCP scopes, etc..

First, it has DNS server objects listed that are no longer there. Does the install of OES/Linux delete DNS server objects? It does create some, like that DNSDHCP-GROUP object. I just want to make sure. It does change eDir, I'm not sure how much.

Second, there are now DNS-DHCP objects in every container that I've installed a new server into. Have I botched the install of these servers somehow? There's a lot of info on migrating DNS services from Netware to OES/Linux online, but how about coexistance?

I've also seen some forum postings on running DNIPINST and starting over, but that it could cause major problems.

Strange thing is that DNS still loads on the Netware server. Named will load without errors and nslookup will resolve names. So we are not completely dead in the water, more like stasis. I cannot add new entries to DNS and before I start breaking a lot of eggs, I thought I would make sure I am on the right page.