I've got the following config:

(1) NetWare 6.5 sp8 server running GW 7.0.3 MTA
(2) NetWare 6.5 sp8 servers running GW 7.0.3 POA's, both directly connected to SAN storage
(1) NetWare 6.5 sp8 server running GW 7.0.3 GWIA
(1) NetWare 6.5 sp8 server running GW 7.0.3 WebAccess
(1) Virtual NetWare 6.5 server running GW 6.5.4 secondary domain MTA and POA

I need to get to GW 8 and I need to get from NetWare to linux. I have a pretty substantial eDirectory infrastructure so I think I'd like to go OES2 linux with NSS for GroupWise.

Should I upgrade to GW 8 first, then worry about the linux migration second, or should I do linux mig first, then GW 8 upgrade?

I think my bigger push is to get to GW 8 so we can install Mobile Server for iPhone support, plus I need to merge another department's smaller GW 8 system into our's.

Which version of GW 8 runs best on NetWare? And I have BES 4.x. Would I need to upgrade it to 5? I'm just looking for the most stable package so I can get iPhone support rolled out. Right now our 7.0.3 on NetWare is rock solid, runs for months to years without any issue whatsoever.