This has been posed a number of times, but those threads all die without an answer, or with the suggestion that the user disable CASA entirely on that machine. Disabling CASA won't work, as we use user authentication to distribute some bundles, and I believe disabling it will affect that process.

The situation we have is this:

a number of machines are in a common area, and use the same login. Users come, use the machine, log into groupwise, and then leave. The next user comes along, open groupwise, and without a prompt, is put right back into the previous users email due to CASA integration.

I can put /@u-? on every shortcut I can think of, but occasionally I miss a shortcut somewhere, so I would like a more effective, permanent solution.

The end result I would like is that for this set of workstations, CASA be enabled for ZCM, but disabled for GroupWise.

Barring that, I'd like to be able to tell CASA to forget the last GroupWise user somehow so that when it does happen, I can click a couple buttons and revert GroupWise to a "I don't know who you are" state.