I installed VPN on my Windows XP PC on a Linksys home network. It has

been working just fine. But when I installed NCF, I ran into this.
When the PC boots up, it starts Windows and suddenly I see a quick
blue screen (too quick to read) and then the PC reboots. It does this

over and over. I can stop it by quickly hitting CNT-ALT-DEL and
unloading the NCF client before Windows finishes populating the
screen. Then Windows will finish coming up. But then my wireless LAN

does not show up in the control panel. When I uninstalled NCF,
everything went back to working properly. I tried this six or so
times to make sure I did not have a bad installation. Every time it
does the same thing. And every time I uninstalled NCF, the PC works
normally with the wireless adapter.
Is there a known issue between NCF and wireless LAN's or perhaps justLinksys wireless LAN? Or could it be the USB wireless adapter that Iam using? I am trying to get NCF loaded on all our laptops in the
department. It would be nice to know what limitations I should

Thanks to anyone for any clues.

Mark Rodgers