I'm trying to depoly Groupwise to Vista and Windows 7 machines via MSI. After running into issues I downloaded 8.0.2hp2 and extracted the installer. Logged in as a user with admin rights (or limited) I run into the error "Error 1904.Module c:\program files\novell\groupwise\gwab1.ocx failed to register" when running the install msi.

I've seen a few threads on this with no real solutions yet. Is it possible to deploy via MSI? I tried ZCM11 with the same error, I tried AD software installations with the same error...

One odd thing I noticed, when logged in as a user that's not an admin, windows asks for admin credientals and then continues to install, but everything is on the root of the C:\ until I run into the error and back out of the install.

Thanks for any input!