Doing some tests for a file-storage area with Netware 6.5 under

Tests with vsphere itself with it's storage over iSCSI have been quite
good. Beeing able to substain quite high continuous throughput...but,
getting a virtual NW to achieve good performance doesn't seem to be
that easy and I just can't make out why....

The lab today is 2x2tb's drives on the SAN, each have one 2tb storage
created in vmware, and those then added to the virtual netware as one
big 3.8 TB partition... but, performance is seriously lacking.

Anyone know's if there's some special tuning needed ?
Maybe a issue using this big partition's with vsphere ?

just reaching out here, it's not a deal breaker since it's still a
lab. For different reason's, one of them beeing that current HW isn't
supporting Netware, we need to go virtual...