I have a novell 6.0sp3 server with bordermanager 3.8 installed.
working ok except access through vpn tunnel. Seems to be some routing
with the vpn tunnel. I was able to duplicate the problem in a simple
lab environment, so it has to be something that I am overlooking.

Here is the scenario in my test lab. Public ip
Private ip
Tunnel ip
VPN ip pool - 200
Test vpn pc on
same net
as public ip
Test pc on same
net as
private ip
nat and filters disabled can ping from pc to server's private ip
and internal pc
I then reload ipflt and establish my vpn connection after successful
authentication, I am assigned ip address and see that my

traffic policies are set to allow any traffic to any source. VPN
shows client connected but no ip packets sent or received. Cannot ping

anything. If I unload ipflt and then retry, I can ping and login but
it must
be going through the public interface because I still see no traffic
sent or received through the vpn connection. Any ideas what must be
ether on the client side or server side to get the vpn traffic to
properly. Also does same thing with nat enabled and a static nat on
public interface with the private ip address natting to it self.