We are running ZCM 10.3. Still at a pilot stage. All users have AD accounts and are authenticated against eDir for ZCM, running XP and Novell Client 4.91SP5. We are using IDM to sync eDir AD passwords. I've been playing with password changes over the VPN.
If a user changes there password over VPN authenticated to AD only, on next reboot the ZCM login screen appears. Is there a way to force the ZCM agent to pick up the new password change.

I've configured an agent policy to disable the log off option, should I disable this policy to allow log off. So that a user can login to the agent to Update he CASA crendientials.

Is this just a problem with 10.3 agent and an update would help to resolve. I'll relucantant to update as this changes the POC we have carried out.