We are a education institution and I have upgraded from 10.3.0a to ZCM 11 running on a 2k3R2 server. Currently we are in between deploying Win 7 so most of our machines are XP - although one lab I have currently deployed all Win7 (28computers) and now have been updating to the 11 agent.

I have found all our XP machines upgraded to the 11 agent are fine (about 100) but the Win7 room has had nothing but problems. I have found that straight after the room was updated it began to display the following:

- There is a shutdown bundle at the end of each day when it ran most machines stayed at the shutdown screen and eventually BSOD and rebooted (A few shutdown correctly). Did a manual shutdown via quicktasks in ZCC and some machines that BSOD before shutdown cleanly whereas others did the same BSOD although they shutdown cleanly previously.

- Came in this morning tried to login on win7 machines (I have a WOL bundle starting at 8am) and they just sat at the welcome - clearly stuck at the zen agent login or something, verified this by login as a local user and pressing esc/cancel at zen agent login challenge and machine went straigt to desktop.

I have also read others are experiencing similar problems, I have not applied the cumulative patch but I have currently disabled ZESM in ZCC (although later to read that this was fruitless as its service still runs)

Some have mentioned that they have uninstalled the agent and re-installed the old one how does one install the old one - I assume it is still somewhere on the primary server.

I have currently stopped my stage rollout of the 11 agent but would like to get this room up and running again - contemplating rolling out the winxp image with the 11 agent on it but would like to rollback the agent instead.

Is there a ETA on a fix - I currently have seen a pattern where i can login with no issue on a win7 machine straight after bootup but if it sits for say 30mins or so I get the welcome message and thats it I have to hard boot it - still investigating though.