Hi all,

Below pertains to BM 3.7 SP2 running on NW6 SP3.

I have the VPN working great, but work for a bank and need to satisfy
the auditors. In Nwadmin I am able to open up the properties of the
BorderManager server - BorderManager Setup - VPN Tab - Master Site to
Site Details - Status - Audit Log - Acquire (After setting the date
and time I want to look at) and see all the activity. This is working

The BM Doc's say I should be able to (also in Nwadmin) highlight the
BorderManager Server - Tools - Novell BorderManager - right-click
Virtual Private Network - View Audit log - Display Records - Select a
time period.
When this has completed I'm supposed to be able to export it to a file
which I could then print or give to the auditors. The only problem.
The View Audit log is grayed out! It's there and active under IP
Gateway and under Proxy Cache, but not under Virtual Private Network.

Am I supposed to turn auditing on somehow? If it's not turned on now,
where is the data coming from when I follow the top step above? Anyone
have any ideas as to what I should look for? I really need this to

Thanks in advance and let me know if you need more info.