I am having 2 issues, I think one should be posted in the proxy forum,
but it might be related to the VPN.

I have 1 tree and it is partitioned into 2 replicas. I have the master
of both replicas at the main office.

My existing setup was a NW6.5 SP1 w/BM 3.8 patched Master VPN. I have
a NW 6 SP3 w/BM 3.7 slave VPN connecting to the server. I installed a
new server at the remote site (NW6.5 SP1 w/BM 3.8 patched Slave VPN)
and I had a problem getting it connected. I kept messing around trying
to get the VPN to connect and I couldn't. I would setup everything per
the BM guide from Craig's book and they wouldn't connect. I would try
to ping the public ipaddress (after unloading filter on both servers)
of the master from the slave and Vice-versa and it wouldn't ping. I
added a secondary ipaddress to each server and it could ping those.
Hmmm. So we decided to uninstall BM 3.8 from the new slave and
reinstall using the other ipaddress, same issue. We checked with the
ISP and the router was a straight pass thru router. After installing
it a second time, we did not touch the VPN configuration and left it
alone. Eventually it connected. I don't know how long it took, but I
think it took about 5 minutes to connect, has anyone else seen this?

I did find a message from CAT to someone else in the forums about
having the Master of the replica on the BM server for that partition.
I just changed that today and will find out if that works when I go to
the remote site next week.

The other issue that I am having is that when I run startvpn on this
server, it automatically loads proxy. This isn't a huge problem, but
the problem I am having is that when proxy loads it gets to the Reading
NDS information and "hangs" for about 5 minutes and then continues to
load. The server does have a R/W replica of both it's partion and
Root, so I don't know why it takes so long. Like I mentioned I did
change this so the Master of this partition will be at that site. Why
does startvpn automatically load the proxy? (it's not in the
startvpn.ncf, so something is making the call)

Has anyone else experienced these issues? and sovled them?


Dan Verbarg
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati, OH