We have a user who is using Groupwise client 8.02 on his windows XP machine. Mail comes in fine. As he tries to send, he receives an errer:
Unknown Socket Failure

this user can send fine from the webmail using the same account credentials.

when I log into his account on my Mac, I can send and receive just fine.

when I log into his account on my Windows 7 machine using GW client 8.02, I get this error:
Service Unavailable

We have done a thorough and complete uninstall of the client and messenger, including moving the MAPI dll's to a separate folder so that fresh ones would be created. I have reset tcpip, and also completely uninstalled and reinstalled tcpip. I have ensured that the machine is free of viruses, but since this also occurs on other windows machines, the steps I took at his machine really don't matter.

Is this error caused by a message not processing properly? There is nothing in the Pending Requests window.