Through of sequence of lovely Friday events, my filters.cfg got trashed. Luckily after rebooting the BM 3.8 sp5 NW 6.5 sp8 eDirec box, the filters.cfg seemed to get populated w/ the contents of what was in eDirectory.

About ready to wrap up the day, I decided to go out to sys:\etc and make a backup of the filters.cfg file since I had done a few little tune-ups while I was in there earlier. To my horror, filters.cfg is now 4.5G large!!

I renamed it to filters.cfg.old. when I looked at the file it starts out OK, but quickly turns into probably 4.499 G of the phrase FreeFreeFreeFreeFree.

I'm hoping eDirectory will flush a good copy of it's filters to a brand new filters.cfg file.

QUESTION: is that true and is there a way I can make that happen?