On the Slave server of a new site to site VPN, I am getting a memory
allocation error from VPN Control. This happens when performing a
STARTVPN. The error is "S2S reading configuration from file error, memory
allocation failed". After this VPNTUNNEL shows no allocated memory and the
VPN never synchronizes.

The system is freshly loaded with Bordermanager 3.8, NW 6.5 SP1a, 1.8 GB
RAM, 2x1.2 GHz CPUs and 4x36 GB drives. Buffer cache is 1.1 GB. I can't
believe that I could really be out of memory. Proxy services are loaded
and working fine.

The Master server (1x3.0 GHz CPU) seems to be running fine with no errors.

I've been through everything in Chapter 19 of Craig Johnson's Book - A
Beginners Guide to Bordermanager 3.x - 3rd edition. The configuration
seems to be clean, but it won't run.

I don't know if it matters, but on the Slave I installed Bordermanager
after NW SP1a, while on the Master I installed Bordermanager first.
Neither system was ever loaded with the buggy SP1.