I am on ZCM 10.3.0a and I getting ready to deploy update 10.3.1. I ran the diagnostic tool on a primary server that I downloaded from Novell's website along with the zdc file. After the tool was done running, I got the following error with the database verifier:

Mismatch in table 'zInstallationPackage' structure.
Object type: [Column] , Object name: [Platform]
Expected: [Name: Platform, Size: 255, Type: VARCHAR, Nullable: true]
Found: [Name: Platform, Size: 32, Type: VARCHAR, Nullable: true]

Not sure what this means? Can anyone help?

-I did not install Asset Manager when installing ZCM. File verifier in the report shows so.
ZCM primary server - MS Server 2008R2 Enterprise 64-bit
dbase server - MS SQL dbase 2005 on Server 2008R2 Enterprise 64-bit
diag. tool downloaded - zdc_0.6_20100804.zip
zdc file - zdc_zcm_10.3.0_zdcv0.6_0.zip

Thank you.