We recently purchased Zenworks Patch Management. However, right before
purchasing ZCM Patch Mgmt, we upgraded to ZCM 11. The ZCM 11 Agent
components for patch management automatically installed to ZCM 11 clients,
but not to version 10 clients. My guess is that it might have something to
do with the fact that the MSIs for 10.3.1 are now renamed as "superceded"

I had a friend build me an "unconfigured" ZCM agent package from his 10.3.1
system (he has ZCM Patch Management), and that successfully installs on a
freshly imaged machine and Zenworks Patch Management seems to be working.
However, that doesn't help me with the rest of my 10.3.1 machines that I
don't wish to reimage right now.

If you're asking: Why don't I upgrade my clients to the ZCM 11 Agent? I'll
tell you my answer: IT'S WAY TOO SLOW!! Until they iron out a few issues,
we're going to hang with the 10.3.1 agent.

So, my question is: Is there anyway to take the MSIs that are renamed as
"superceded" and manually install them to a workstation to get ZCM Patch
Management working on my existing 10.3.1 clients? I tried to simply install
the MSIs, but it doesn't seem to show up as an installed option on the ZCM
Agent properties page.

Thanks in advance!