I am testing Quickfinder as a search solution in our office and have noticed some odd behaviour. I am running Quickfinder on OES 2 SP3 and indexing Netware 6.5 volumes. Indexes are being created and stored on the OES server without any errors that I can see.

I have setup a few test documents to see how well it finds phrases. We have a mixture of pdf, docx, doc and wpd files.

When I search for one of my test phrases, it will not always be found. If I search for a specific word or other phrase in the same doument, it finds the document.

What I have noticed, is that in the description given for that doument on the results page, the earlier phrase (that was not found), is part of the description but has odd spacing in it. For example, the word testing showed as t est ing. If I search the index for that word with the odd spacing, it finds it.

Something else I have noticed is that if I re-index the folder, the word testing will again come up but with possibly different spacing.

Has anyone else seen this?


Scott Schaffer
Network Admin
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller LLP