Hi, new user of ZCM here so please forgive any ignorance I may display.

I have a batch file that runs on login and generates a log file. The assumption is that users log onto their PCs every morning, thus the log file will be modified every day.

I want to make a ZCM Bundle runs daily at noon, that checks the File Date of the log file, and if it doesnt match the current date (ie. perhaps the user has left his PC logged in overnight, and thus never logged in this morning) then it will run the Bundle.

Looking at the "Requirements Filter" section of the bundle set up, there is a filter for "File Date", but it seems to only accept fixed dates - there doesnt seem to be an option for "current date". (There's a "Today" button in the calendar popup, but it seems to fill the field immediately with the current date - I'm not sure if it's actually doing what I want.)

So, is there any way to make a Bundle run, if a File Date is older than the current date?