hi, i downloaded a vmware image from the opensuse gallery. its called iFolder JeOS heres the link if you want to look at it. iFolder JeOS – SUSE Gallery. i followed the instructions but i did not include ssl or LDAP. i set the machine up to have a static address , it almost seems to work. i can open the ifolder administation page and create a new user. but i notice something wrong, when i select the server tab it shows my server, but when i click on my server it says that my server is offline. if i try to go to it says unable to connect. when i start the client machine and go though the ifolder account creation wizard and fill everything in then i press the connect button. i get the following error "an errror was encounteed while connectiong to the ifolder server. please verify the information entered and try again. i feel like a server has failed to start, or was not configured correctly. can anyone help. i used to use linux till about 5 years ago, i got rust all over.